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Israili super soldier claims he has rescued me from Everest in May 2012”

A very well planned international conspiracy was orchestrated with political agenda which if analyzed was typical Israeli government gimmick (PsyOps).
Above all Israeli ambassador to Nepal, Hanan Goder-Goldberger was behind this well planed flag exchange ceremony that was given wide publicity in the media. Shame on you.
My memory is still intact unlike Nadev Ben Yehuda who claims to suffer from memory loss. I have gathered enough evidence to expose the fake heroes who made it big at the expense of others. Nadev Ben Yehuda is projected everywhere as a life savior in the reports while the facts speak otherwise.

“Nadav in one of his interview states that he suffers from memory loss, I am here to refresh his memory and help is at hand with many others including his High Altitude Worker Pemba Jangbu Sherpa.”

Nadav Ben Yehuda wanted to be the youngest Israeli on Everest summit.

Pemba Jangbu Sherpa in the video clearly states that  he warn his Client it was high risk to go up. Pemba says Nadav suffered from frost bite in the lower camp. And he is not strong enough to continue. 
This is not all  memory stick from his sherpa Pemba  forcibly taking and Threatening by Israeli Embassy officers not to talk about the Turkish Climber at all. 

Climbers community know what actually happened and our memory is not affected unlike others who get carried away and made a ‘Mount Everest out of molehill.'

“Media Manipulations”

 I was made the target very conveniently like the thousands of  Palestinians.  The ‘weapon of mass destruction that were nowhere to be found in Iraq resulted in hundreds of thousands getting killed for this lie. Death followed by destruction continues to date in the Middle East with millions of Syrians fleeing their homes and the game of death continues unchecked.

I have worked as bait insider for six years to understand this mountaineering monopoly and now I give this findings for the mountaineering community to review

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